City of Požarevac


Municipality of Anina

Culture Has No Boundaries

Cultural connection in purpose of touristic attractiveness strengthening of the Region

Cross-Border Cooperation Project

Programme priority: 4.2 Capacity building initiative for the improvement of quality and innovation of tourism services and products

Start date: 23.12.2017

End date: 22.06.2019

Duration: 18 months


  • Programme priority specific objective

    Developing the local tourism economy based on the improvement of quality of tourism services, a sustainable use of the natural and cultural heritage, the creation of capacities and skills for high quality tourism services, the design of innovative products in cross border networks and partnerships, the improvement of Accessibility and sustainability of tourist infrastructures

  • Project overall objective

    Promotion of the culture and tradition in the purpose of improvement of cultural tourism and touristic offer in the cross-border area.

  • Project specific objectives

    1. To increase quality of cultural tourism in cross-border area
    2. To extend capacities for cultural presentation of the region
    3. To promote cultural differences and similarities of the neighbouing districts


  • Programme Result

    Improved tourism through the establishment of new offer in the area of cultural heritage in the region

  • Project Results

    1. New cultural contents established in both project partners municipalities
    2. Increased number of visitors compared to 2015 in the cross-border region



Prefabricated structure –stage in Pozarevac

Prefabricated structure –baloon in Pozarevac

Wooden info-pults in Pozarevac

Technical and audio equipment of the existing stage in Anina

Coverage of the existing court

Wooden info-pults in Anina


Common Project web site

Brochures and Leaflets

Promo bags, t-shirts and pencils 

Roll-up banners

Articles published in media (newspapers, TV stations, radio stations)

Short promo clip

Media briefings


New culture festival in Pozarevac with 70 participants from Pozarevac and Anina (25 painters, 30 folklore dancers, 15 junior ballerines)

New culture festival in Anina with 60 participants from Pozarevac and Anina (20 painters, 20 junior ballerines, 10 folklore dancers, 10 traditional musicians)

New event in Pozarevac, with 20 participants from Pozarevac and Anina (20 formal footbal players)

New exibition of hand crafts, traditional food and honey products in Pozarevac with 60 local participants

New exibition of hand crafts, traditional food and honey products in Anina with 40 local participants

Culture manifestation in Anina on the occasion of Days of Anina, with 80 participants from Anina and Pozarevac

Culture manifestation in Pozarevac on the occasion of Ljubicevo equestrian events, with 100 participants from Pozarevac and Anina (30 foklore dancers, 25 junior ballerines, 20 painters, 25 handicrafters)

Manifestation on the occasion of Days of the Fall in Anina with 90 participants from Anina and Pozarevac (45 honey producers, 35 traditional food producers, 10 handicrafters)

Cultural-sports manifestation in Pozarevac on the occasion of The Day of Liberation of Pozarevac in World War 2, with 100 participants from Pozarevac and Anina (20 former football players, 30 painters, 20 honey producers, 20 handicrafters, 10 musicians)

Target groups

Culture associations, organizations and individuals who will be main participants in the project

Touristic sector in Pozarevac and Anina

Public institutions that will receive direct revenues (resort fee, parking fees, resident fees), as well as higher indirect revenues (VAT, income taxes)

Tourists and visitors in the Romania-Serbia cross-border region

Setting foundations for the organization of the annual cultural events will create  the network of cultural associations and  institutions from the both side. Organising multicultural festivals will provide necessary boost to the local associations and all interested entities in tourism sector.

Also, Project would help this area to adjust to the new demands of the tourism market and to create a different image of the Region.

Organizing festivals will contribute to the improvement of cultural exchange between project partners, skills transfer, and also learning about cultural heritage and tradition in the region

Join us

Strengthening cross border ties between Serbia and Romania is clearly a common interest. The joint development of cultural tourism and cooperation between communities in planning a shared approach to cultural issues, finding synergies between people-to people actions, will stimulate interaction between people and institutions from both countries.

Welcome aboard!


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Interreg-IPA Cross-border Cooperation Romania-Serbia Programme is financed by the European Union under the Instrument for Pre-accession Assistance (IPA II) and co-financed by the partner states in the Programme.